Cape Breton Priest Changes Story on Sexual Assault

by stemwebadmin

Catholic priest and convicted pedophile Claude Richard has changed his story about how times he sexually abused his victim. Richard pleaded guilty in June to assaulting the boy 20 to 30 times over a four-month period in 1987 but during his sentencing hearing Richard claimed to have had a “one night stand” with his 14 year old victim.

Claude Richard has pleaded guilty or been convicted of dozens of charges of sexually abusing children, many of whom were altar boys in various parishes throughout Cape Breton.

15 years ago I sued Claude Richard and his pedophile twin brother, Clair Richard on behalf of a dozen of their sexual abuse victims. During his examination for discovery Claude Richard denied, under oath, having sexually abused my clients… after he had already pleaded guilty to criminal charges of sexual assault against the same victims!

I have to wonder if there is some genetic connection between being a pedophile and being a pathological liar!

2 Responses to “Cape Breton Priest Changes Story on Sexual Assault”

December 31, 1969 at 6:00 pm, symonds said:

Very nice to read this story. I gathered a lot of information. We must strongly condemn against sexual assault.

September 11, 2007 at 6:34 pm, Cybercat said:

According to David France’s book about pedo-priests, Our Fathers, “Scanning their brains, he discovered they suffered mild to severe frontal lobe dysfunction, manifesting as impaired verbal fluency, attention deficits, poor impulse control, poor judgment, problems sequencing and organizing thoughts, and a tendency to ‘perseverate,’ or cling to inappropriate mental operations.”

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