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No More Jail Time for Convicted Abuser

by John McKiggan

Father Donald Grecco has been waiting to be sentenced after being convicted of sexual assault charges last year.

He was released pending sentencing on conditions that he reside in Picton while waiting for his hearing.

However he ignored the court order and moved out without notifying the court of his change of address. Police arrested him in October.

Convicted Sex Abuser Donald Grecco Arrrested for Violating Parole

by John McKiggan

Convicted sexual abuser and former catholic priest, Donald Grecco has been arrested again. But this time it’s not for sexual abuse. It’s for violating the terms of his parole.

One of Grecco’s victims has filed a sexual abuse compensation claim against Grecco and former Bishop James Wingle. But when lawyers tried to serve notice of the lawsuit on Grecco, the former priest wasn’t living where he was supposed to be under the terms of a court order.

Grecco was charged with sexual abuse in September 2008. He pleaded guilty in April 2010 and heis scheduled to be sentenced this month.

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