Canadian Archbishop resigns Over Sexual Abuse Allegations

by John McKiggan

Seraphim Storheim the Canadian Archbishop of the Orthodox Church in America, has resigned from his duties and requested a leave of absence after police began investigating Storeim for allegations of sexual abuse involving pre-teen boys.

The Orthodox Church in America (OCA), has released a public statement saying Archbishop Seraphim Storheim is on a leave of absence while police investigate the sexual abuse claims.

The Church has indicated it is cooperating with the police investigation and that the Church is conducting it’s own internal investigation.

For almost twenty years I have dedicated my practice to representing survivors of childhood sexual abuse. As a public service I have prepared a resource guide for survivors of sexual abuse.

You can receive a free copy of this report by contacting me through this blog, or my website at or by calling toll free in Atlantic Canada 1-877-423-2050.

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