Pope Expresses “Sorrow” Over Priest Sexual Abuse

by John McKiggan

Pope Benedict XVI is in London. Today he offered an apology for the “unspeakable crime” of sxual molestation by priests.

Benedict expressed:

“…his deep sorrow and shame over what the victims and their families suffered,”

More than 10,000 people marched to protest the Pope’s handling of the priest sexual abuse crisis.

A statement issued by the Vatican said that Benedict:

“… prayed with them and assured them that the Catholic Church is continuing to implement effective measures designed to safeguard young people, and that it is doing all in its power to investigate allegations, to collaborate with civil authorities and to bring to justice (those) … accused of these egregious crimes.”

The statement was similar to those issued in the past; lot’s of words about “investigating” and cooperating and “justice”.

I have a word for His Holiness:


It seems the Pope is having some difficulty moving through the Responsibility process so I am providing this helpful visual aid.


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