Court Date Set For Sexual Abuse Class Action Against Antigonish Diocese

by John McKiggan

There have been new developments in the class action filed against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Antigonish. The class action was filed by Ron Martin on behalf of all persons who were sexually abused by priests who were members of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Antigonish.

Case Management Judge Assigned

Justice John Murphy has been assigned to case manage the class action lawsuit. Justice Murphy will be in charge of ensuring that the class action moves forward in an orderly fashion.

Court Date Set

The Certification hearing for the Antigonish Diocese Class Action has been scheduled to take place in Halifax, August 4, 5 and 6, 2009.

The certification hearing is basically a “mini-trial” where the court determines whether there is sufficient evidence to allow Ron Martin and the other people who alleged that they were sexually abused by priests from the Antigonish Diocese to proceed with their claim as a group . If the certification motion fails, then each sexual abuse survivor will be forced to file individual lawsuits if they want to make a claim for compensation.

Who Can Join the Class Action?

If you were a victim of sexual abuse by a priest that was a member of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Antigonish, you are entitled to participate in the class action. We have prepared an information package about the class action lawsuit that we will provide, free of charge. If you would like to receive a copy of the information package, please contact my office by calling toll free 1 (877) 423-2050 or by contacting me through this blog.

More Information

For more background information about the class action lawsuit you can read some of the Media Reports about the Antigonish Diocese Sexual Abuse Class Action.

Antigonish Diocese Priest Sexual Abuse Class Action

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