When is it okay for a doctor to have sex with their patients?

by stemwebadmin

The Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons is trying to “cure” the “chronic problem” of doctors sexually abusing their patients.

This story in the London Free Press reports that the College is:

“…floating an updated set of guidelines for physicians that contains advice on when it’s appropriate for a doctor to be sexually intimate with someone they medically cared for in the past or a member of their patient’s family.”

When is it appropriate for doctors to have sex with their patients? Let me see…how about NEVER!

The doctor-patient relationship has to be one of the most powerful of fiduciary relationships. Patients have to place their complete trust in their physicians. Can there be a more vulernable position to be in?

The article reports that:

“…allegations of sexual abuse by doctors are heard regularly by the college’s disciplinary committee.”

For example:

A Toronto doctor for fondling and kissing his patient’s breasts and sending her an essay containing sexual innuendo.

A Whitby doctor for having sexual relations with a patient and attempting to placate her husband by offering to prescribe him medication.

The statement “First do no harm” is widely attributed to Hippocrates, author of the Hippocratic oath. Perhaps these sexually abusive physicians have never of him?

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