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Accused Abuser Doesn’t Have to Produce Psychological Records

by John McKiggan

Reasons for judgement were recently released in the case of B.M.B v. Fallona et al. .

The plaintiff B.M.B. filed a claim accusing the defendant Fallona, a Roman Catholic priest, of sexually assaulting her.

B.M.B. applied to court for an order requiring Fallona to produce a copy of various physicians’ records who provided mental health services to the priest.

No More Jail Time for Convicted Abuser

by John McKiggan

Father Donald Grecco has been waiting to be sentenced after being convicted of sexual assault charges last year.

He was released pending sentencing on conditions that he reside in Picton while waiting for his hearing.

However he ignored the court order and moved out without notifying the court of his change of address. Police arrested him in October.

Cesar Lalo Abuse Victim Files Appeal

by John McKiggan

Last year a man that was sexually abused by notorious sexual abuser, Cesar Lalo was awarded $375,000.00 in compensation for sexual abuse committed by Lalo when the man was just 13 years old. See Lalo Sexual Abuse Victim Awarded $375,000.00

Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Heather Robertsion ordered that the province of Nova Scotia pay the man because the abuse happened when lalo was employed as a probation officer. Lalo used his power over the boy to commit his sexual assaults.

Lalo was declared a long-term offender as a result of his multiple sexual abuse convictions, and his failure to accept responsibility or show remorse for his actions.

More Sexual Abuse Charges against another Yarmouth Priest: Father Albert LeBlanc

by John McKiggan

Yarmouth RCMP have charged former Roman Catholic priest, Father Albert LeBlanc with 40 criminal charges of sexual abuse including 11 charges of indecent assault and 29 charges of gross indecency. The alleged assaults involve 3 male victims who were between seven and 11 years of age when the assaults are alleged to have occurred.

The Yarmouth Diocese is already facing compensation claims by victims of three other priests, Father Raoul Deveau, Father Adolphe LeBlanc and Father Edouard (Eddie) Theriault.

Update on Criminal Charges Against William Hodgson (Hod) Marshall

by John McKiggan

I saw an interesting article in the Toronto Star last weekend.

Reverend William Hodgson (Hod) Marshall is facing 2 dozen criminal charges of sexual assault and indecent assault involving 16 boys (now men) who say they were sexually abused by Marshall while he was teaching in Catholic schools in Windsor, Toronto and Sudbury.

The current Roman Catholic Bishop of London Ontario is Ronald Fabbro. The article traces the relationship between Fabbro and Marshall.

Canadian Abuse Survivors Speak up on Oprah Show

by John McKiggan

Perhaps it goes without saying, but childhood sexual abuse is a world wide problem.

Lat week I posted about Oprah’s show about male survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Since the show aired there have been a number of news stories about Canadian men who survived childhood sexual abuse who participated in the show.

Oprah Sheds Light on Male Childhood Sexual Abuse

by John McKiggan

My wife is a big fan of Oprah Winfrey. She is certainly one of the most influential people in North America (Oprah, not my wife). So I was pleased when my wife told me that Oprah had devoted two days to a show about male survivors of sexual abuse. The first part aired last week. Part two is scheduled to be aired today.

The show is about the stories of 200 adult men who were molested as children. I applaud Oprah’s efforts to encourage male survivors of sexual abuse to come forward.

Disclosure Painful

William Hodgson Marshall Faces More Sex Abuse Charges

by John McKiggan

Ontario Priest Charged With More Sexual Abuse Crimes

Catholic Priest Rev. William Hodgson Marshall a former Windsor high school principal is facing two criminal charges of indecent assault in Toronto when Marshall was teaching and coaching basketball at St. Michael’s College school in 1953.

More Charges
Today Windsor police announced that Marshall has been charged with six additional charges of indecent or sexual assault for incidents alleged to have occurred in Windsor during the 1950s and ’80s.

Priest Sexual Abuse Class Action Filed in Montreal

by John McKiggan

A new class action has been filed in Quebec alleging sexual abuse by priests.

The class action names the Community of the Clerics of St. Viateur in Montreal and the Raymond-Dewar Institute (also known as the Institute for the Deaf and Dumb) as defendants.

The representative plaintiff, Serge D’arcy says he was a victim of sexual abuse by priests while attending the institute between 1967 and 1972. D’arcy states that he was subjected to physical and sexual abuse by priests who were members of the religious group who taught and worked at the Dewar Institute.