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Why the Antigonish Diocese Sexual Abuse Class Action Settlement is the Right Thing to do.

by John McKiggan

In 2002, Ronald Martin received a telephone call that his brother, David Martin, had been missing in the woods of British Columbia for 2 weeks. Sixteen days later David’s body was found, with a suicide note stating he had taken his life because he could not endure the pain caused by sexual abuse he had suffered as a child at the hands of Father Hugh Vincent MacDonald, a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Antigonish.

A Promise

Ron Martin had been sexually abused by the same priest but neither brother was aware of what the other had suffered. On the day that Ron Martin had to identify his brother’s body, he made a promise that there would be accountability for the abuse they had suffered.

Bishop Raymond Lahey Resigns as Bishop of Diocese of Antigonish

by John McKiggan

Pope Accepts Lahey’s Resignation
The Pope has accepted the resignation of Bishop Raymond Lahey from the post of Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Antigonish.

I have received calls from victims wondering what effect the Bishop’s resignation will have on the Class action settlement to compensate survivors of sexual abuse by priests of the Antigonish Diocese.

Compensation Process Will Continue