Sex Abuse Charges Against Ontario Priest More of the Same

by John McKiggan

A retired Roman Catholic priest faces charges of sexually assaulting a seven year old boy between the years of 1971 and 1973. Father Jacques Faucher of Quebec is alleged to have assaulted the boy in Ottawa.

Due in court on March 12th, Faucher is charged with gross indecency and indecent assault on a male.

The Archbishop of Ottawa issued an official statement indicating that Faucher was suspended from the ministry, and banned from representing himself as a Catholic priest:

“On learning that Fr. Jacques Faucher has been charged with criminal misconduct in relation to a minor, I want to advise our Catholic faithful, and the wider community, that I have suspended him from all ministry and prohibited him from representing himself as a Catholic priest.”

Old News

I previously posted about Rev. William Marshall who faced 24 charges of sexual assault and abuse against a number of 16-year old boys.

I have also chronicled the abuse of Father Charles Sylvestre in London, Ontario. In that case the Roman Catholic Diocese of London, Ontario agreed to pay the victim, Lou-Anne Soontiens, over $1.7 million plus her legal fees.

Sadly, this news is certainly not new. Many Ontario priests have been accused of sexual abuse in recent years.

What follows is a partial list of priests from Ontario who have been charged, convicted or pleaded guilty to various charges of sexual abuse. The list is far from complete and surely there are many more victims who are still too afraid to break the silence.

Keep in mind; this is just the list from Ontario!

• Father Richard Allen;
• Father Linus Bastien;
• Father John Richard Boll;
• Father James Boudreau;
• Father Leo Charron;
• Father Bernard Cloutier;
• Father Dale Crampton;
• Brother Edward Patrick English;
• Father George Epoch;
• Father Timothy Flaherty;
• Father Benoit Fortier;
• Father Barry Glendinning;
• Father Don Grecco;
• Father John B. Harper;
• Father Ken Keeler;
• Father James Kneale;
• Father Cameron J. MacLean;
• Father Edward MacNeil;
• Father Michael Daniel Miller)
• Father Robert Morrissey;
• Monsignor Bernard Prince;
• Father Richard G. Racine;
• Father Gary Emile Roy;
• Father William J. Russell;
• Father Jose de Sousa Silva;
• Father John Stock;
• Father Martin Wain;
• Father Bill White;
• Father Michael Francis White.

Am I missing anyone? Please let me know.

Want More Information?

I have represented hundreds of victims of childhood sexual abuse in claims for compensation. I frequently represent victims who suffered abuse at the hands of priests or other religious authorities.

I have written a resource guide to help educate survivors about their legal rights. You can receive a free copy of Breaking the Silence: The Survivor’s Guide to Abuse Compensation Claims by contacting me through this blog, or my website at or by calling toll free in Atlantic Canada 1-877-423-2050.

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August 14, 2015 at 9:50 pm, John Tierney said:

I would like to speak to someone about my experience with Ken Keeler in Ottawa. 1975/76/77 I was 11/12/13 and he was my Priest at Bayshore Catholic School. He used to bring me and two others up to a camp in Quebec and feed us booze and cigarettes. Maybe it was too long ago.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do.
Thank you.

September 04, 2015 at 2:25 pm, John McKiggan said:


Please contact me directly at our office. My email is

January 18, 2016 at 9:24 am, David Haney said:

I recommend everybody see the movie “Spotlight” It’s a movie about the Catholic priest scandal in Boston, Mass. and the difficulties the Boston Globe encountered reporting in this problem.

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