Crazy Decision of the Month: Greece Defines Pedophilia as a Disability

by John McKiggan

In what has to be one of the most stunning examples in history of government incompetence, the Greek government has decided to expand a list of categories that entitles persons with disability to receive financial support.

I can hear you say…”But wait John, isn’t helping persons with disabilities a good thing?”

Yes it is. Extending aid to persons with legitimate disabilities is not the problem. That’s something any forward thinking person can agree with, right?

Molest a Child Get Paid By the Government

What is ludicrous, indeed even offensive to persons with real disabilities, is that Greece has decided to define pedophilia as a disability. The decision means sexual deviants who molest children will be entitled to receive financial assistance from the government! Pedophiles will be entitled to receive “disability” pay up to 35% of their “pre-disability” income.


Greece’s national confederation of disabled people referred to the decision as “incomprehensible” and warned adding pedophiles (as well as exhibitionists and kleptomaniacs) to the list of people entitled to financial assistance means that there will be fewer financial resources available for persons who are truly disabled and in need.

I rarely post on matters outside of North America. But this decision is just so completely and mind-bogglingly wrong that I felt I had to comment. No wonder Greece is in the economic situation it is in.

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