Perry Dunlop still in Jail: Bishop who Hired Abusive Priests Free

by John McKiggan

Perry Dunlop, a former Cornwall Ontario police officer whose investigation launched a huge criminal investigation in the 1990s is still in jail.

Contempt of Court

Dunlop refused to testify before the Cornwall public inquiry and was sentenced to 6 months in jail. Yesterday he was sentenced to another 30 days in jail for a criminal conviction of contempt of court.

Sentence Reduced for “Hardship”

The National Post has reported that the judges who sentenced Dunlop said he would normally receive another three months in jail. But the judges reduced his sentence because of the hardship to his family and the fact Dunlop has been in protective custody as a former police officer.

Dunlop Started Sex Abuse Investigation

Dunlop triggered a huge investigation into allegations of sexual abuse by more than a dozen men between 1950 and 1980 after he learned that the Cornwall Catholic Diocese had paid a former alter boy $32,000.00 to drop his sexual abuse complaints against 2 priests.

Bishop Knew About Abusive Priests

While Dunlop sits in jail, Bishop Eugene Larocque, who approved the payments to the alter boy testified before the inquiry that he knew about allegations of sexual abuse against his priests and he even lobbied to have a priest who had been convicted of sodomizing 2 teenagers brought into his Diocese.

So the police officer who uncovered sexual abuse by priests in Cornwall Diocese sits in jail while the Bishop who was responsible for knowingly hiring sexually abusive priests remains free.

Where is the justice in that?

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