Throw the Book at Sexual Predators

by John McKiggan

In an Editorial published today in The Montreal Gazette the authors point to the apparent epidemic of sexual abuse in schools.

…it is impossible to know how large the problem of sexual predators in schools is, but there is, definitely, a problem. A 2001-2005 investigation in the U.S. last year by Associated Press found more than 2,500 cases of teachers who were either sanctioned by their schools or, in half the cases, convicted of a crime of sexual misconduct.

The authors conclude:

The seriousness of child sexual abuse cannot be overstated. Victims talk of lives ruined. They are unable to work, form relationships, enjoy friendships or accomplish what they hoped to in life.

The justice system seems to be the one realistic hope of putting an end to a predator’s career.

I couldn’t agree more. I have been representing survivors of childhood sexual abuse for more than 15 years. Criminal charges provide the justice system with a chance to punish sexual predators. Civil claims for sexual abuse hold the institutions that allow sexual deviants to prey on child accountible for the lives destroyed by sexual abuse.

If you have been a victim of childhood sexual abuse you can contact me for a free report about childhood sexual abuse claims and a manual of Atlantic Canadian resources for survivors of sexual abuse.

One Response to “Throw the Book at Sexual Predators”

December 31, 1969 at 6:00 pm, jon said:

What happens when your predator was your brother at age 8, and now your all grown-up well what I do is advocate stiffer laws. What bothers me is this, is our government murdering out children by lack of interest… Is it the predators doing to much, or is it us not doing enough?

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