Former Police Office Arrested for Failing to Testify at Sexual Abuse Inquiry

by John McKiggan

Perry Dunlop a former Ontario police officer who uncovered allegations of a pedophile ring in Cornwall Ontario was arrested his home in Duncan, B.C. on a contempt of court charge for refusing to testify at the Cornwall public inquiry looking into how authorities dealt with the allegations of a pedophile ring in the Cornwall area.

Dunlop has been credited with uncovering dozens of allegations of historical sexual abuse in Cornwall. He had stated that he had no intention of returning to the inquiry because he had lost faith in the justice system.

Dunlop was a Cornwall police officer in 1993 when he came across documents showing one alleged sexual abuse victim had received a $32,000 payout from the Alexandria-Cornwall Roman Catholic Diocese. The fallout from that discovery would eventually lead to the Ontario Provincial Police launching Project Truth the largest sexual abuse investigation in it’s history.

Project Truth was a four-year investigation that laid 114 criminal sex-related charges against 15 men between 1997 and 2001. The investigation resulted in just one conviction.

Is it fair that a man who dedicated himself to protecting the rights of victims of sexual abuse is arrested as a result of an inquiry into sexual abuse? Is the inquiry worthwhile or has too much time passed to ever sortout the truth? What do you think?

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