15 Ways to Protect your Child from Sexual Abuse

by stemwebadmin

  1. Listen to your child and believe what they tell you. When your child tells you he or she doesn’t want to be with someone, pay attention!
  2. Participate in your child’s activities and get to know your children’s friends and their parents.
  3. Get to know the people where children gather in a community like Churches and sports facilities.
  4. Never leave your child unattended, especially in the car.
  5. Be open when your child asks questions about sex. Make sure the answers age appropriate. Be alert for any talk that shows premature sexual understanding.
  6. Pay attention to changes in your child’s behavior or attitude.
  7. Pay attention when someone shows what seems to be greater than normal interest in your child.
  8. Make unannounced visits to your child’s babysitter, day care or school. Make certain they will release your child only to you or someone you officially designate.
  9. Check to see if your child’s school includes sex-abuse prevention training.
  10. Let your child express affection on their own terms. Do not insist that your child hug or kiss people.
  11. Pay attention when an adult uses social occasions to focus on befriending your child or taking your child away for private time that seems out of the ordinary.
  12. Do not allow your child to go alone on vacation, drive around or spend the night with anyone that has not proven to be trustworthy.
  13. Do not assume that a person is trustworthy because of their position, title or because they work in a place where children gather.
  14. Trust your instincts.
  15. Pay attention!

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